Microsoft .Net Architecture

Unlike any other Advanced Scheduling and Planning system on the market, our scheduling engine was developed from the ground up in the Microsoft .NET Framework. This means that when you invest in PlanetTogether you’ll have a platform with a long life ahead of it that is ready to grow with your company. You’ll be choosing industry-standard technology that Microsoft is fully committed to and that has the highest adoption and support in the software industry.

  • Grows with your business.
  • Makes it easy to extend, to support and to use.
  • Gives the Look-and-Feel of your everyday Microsoft software making all tools easy to understand and find.
  • Runs on 64 and 32 bit computer architecture.
  • Encompasses SQL Server and Reporting Services.
  • Allows distributed internet collaboration for displaying the most current schedules and reports.
  • Has high reliability, platform independence, productive multi-panel workspace, easy customization and much more.
  • Can run with SQL Server 2000, 2005, or 2008 plus SQL Server Express.
  • Extend your solution with custom Visual Studio reports, forms, and special scheduling rules.
  • Easily connect to other .NET programs for real-time integration.

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