Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning provides manufacturing managers clearer understanding of the match-up between the projected workload and the ability of the company to produce over time. The Capacity Planning feature shows various workload measures such as “percentage utilization”, “percentage available” or “hours available” in any size time-interval (such as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly). You can drill down to see which orders are consuming capacity and can also view workload by priority type and commitment level for a better understanding of where the capacity is being allocated.

  • Know in advance where you don’t have enough capacity with current staffing levels to meet demand, enabling you to plan ahead and make adjustments
  • Identify periods of time where capacity will be underutilized thus enabling the company to promote certain products to take advantage of that capacity or to reduce staffing levels to cut manufacturing overhead costs
  • See where your capacity is being spent to determine where adjustments should be made such as cross-training employees or offloading low-profit work to less expensive resources.

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