Documents Module

Paperless Job Packets with FACTIVITY

FACTIVITY extends the capabilities of its award-winning FACTIVITY shop floor WORKBENCH with a module that connects directly to factory documents, such as, routings, BOMs, drawings, instructions and whatever information you want your operator to have at the touch of a button.


FACTIVITY provides seamless connection to your document files:

  • REAL-TIME VISIBILITY into all job pack documents
  • PERFORMANCE information displayed through Web Browsers (FACTVIEWS)
  • Capture of QUALITY data through User Built Templates

FACTIVITY supports lean manufacturing by reducing waste through:

  • Reduce shop floor paper
  • Minimize bottlenecks between operations
  • Shrink WIP Inventory and improve material accuracy
  • Eliminate waste time of either manual or bar coded data entry
  • Provide a value-stream mapping as a bi-product of using the system
  • Alert management real-time to work problems and inefficient activities
  • Optimize the sequencing and scheduling of the production supply chain
  • Provide a systemized approach to a Kaizen Events by getting operators involved

FACTIVITY Documents Module is flexible, scalable and easy to implement:

  • The interface is worker-friendly and color coded touch screens are specifically designed for the needs of the factory floor
  • Operator training is simple and intuitive: employees can be trained within two hours
  • Touch screens are located where employees need them – on the factory floor
  • Security passwords protect data integrity

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