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FACTIVITY provides manufacturing companies with easy-to-use activity tracking for your factory floor: from work force time tracking to overall equipment effectiveness. We provide the information systems to extend your ERP system to the factory floor. Our unique touch screen interface can provide a reliable method to clock employees into the factory and track their time on each and every job while at the same time FACTIVITY can be the HMI to your machines and equipment providing real-time OEE and historical analysis to promote lean manufacturing in your production process.

The APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) Workbench adds capacity and material constraints to level load your production from MRP or directly from Sales Orders and Forecasts. This Multi-User and Multi-Plant module minimizes the time spent on “planner message maintenance” and uses a user definable color coded drop/drag electronic scheduling board with unlimited “optimizing” rules.

The Machine Monitoring Module can monitor equipment availability, performance and quality to visually display Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in real-time. With our customizable human machine interface (HMI), this FACTIVITY module provides more accurate and timely analysis of your production departments.

The Time & Attendance Workbench allows your employees a simple method of “punching” into the factory using touch screen, bar coding, biometric readers. Once in the factory, all time and activities are recorded so payroll labor expense is effectively distributed to the appropriate jobs and tasks improving costing and labor accountability.


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