PlanetTogether Services

The PlanetTogether Solution

FACTIVITY offers a proven native Progress interface to the newest, best-in-class APS scheduling application, PlanetTogether.

Planet Together

Multi-User and Multi-Plant Collaboration

Work collaboratively and cohesively with any number of planners and/or plants at the same time. Manage schedules simultaneously – allowing each planner to focus on the operations that they know best. Schedule on your own terms – by work center, department, facility, product line or customer.

Reduce Waste with Planet Together

PlanetTogether is a powerful and easy-to-use production scheduling solution that quickly produces accurate schedules taking into account machines, personnel, tooling and inventory constraints. The PlanetTogether software enables manufacturers to balance material, capacity and shop floor schedules simultaneously to meet customer demand “on-time” at the lowest costs.

FACTIVITY, the leader in MES solutions, can provide you with a tested plug-and-play interface. This interface is highly customizable and configurable by the user.

FACTIVITY has over twenty years of experience writing interfaces.

Integration with Sensibility

You determine the data that you need to schedule the plant. Using a standard windows “ini” file you specify the data that is appropriate. Some of the filters that could be used are: Site, Part, Work Center, Planner, and many more.

Here is partial sample of our configuration file:

Variables for filter criteria:

  • Wo Site =
  • Wo Rel Date =
  • Wo Due Date =
  • Prod Line =
  • Item Type =
  • Design Group =
  • Promotion Group =
  • Status =
  • Group =
  • Site =
  • Buyer/Planner =
  • Pur/Mfg =


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