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SAP solutions provide manufacturers with solutions to manage the core business processes of their enterprise. We strive to offer the latest, most comprehensive software for global manufacturers to help them achieve seamless management, analysis, planning and control related to all aspects of the manufacturing entity.

Factivity – Paperless MES Using Touchscreen Interface

Factivity provides a comprehensive collection of MES modules which can be purchased individually or as a collection. Our MES system can be easily deployed on touchscreen PC’s across an entire enterprise and seamlessly integrates with SAP.

It manages, guides and provides visibility to status and performance of the 4 M’s:

  • Materials – WIP
  • Manpower – Operators and Supervisors
  • Machines – Production OEE
  • Methods – Work instructions and Quality Documents

The benefits of this product integration include:

  • Improved visibility into production, work orders and jobs currently on the floor
  • Real-time management alerts to problems, such as poor efficiency, too much scrap or non-conformance to quality requirements
  • Work scheduling capabilities: FACTIVITY improves job sequencing by using finite sequencing logic to line-up work in all work centers based on finite capacity and user-defined rules
  • Highly accurate shop floor accounting with no operator data entry
  • Better visibility and labor tracking
  • Improve effectiveness of floor assets through real-time OEE with Machine Monitoring
  • Improve labor management & accountability with Time/Attendance
  • Improve scheduling and customer service with better and realistic delivery dates with APS
  • Promote a greener approach through a paperless error proofing approach…no bar codes required

Factivity Modules

Factivity has several major modules, known as a “Workbench”, that have been designed to meet the specific requirements of each client.

Shop Floor Workbench – Factivity delivers information to the factory floor in a “paperless” solution that pushes important manufacturing information in front of operators and supervisors. As information is collected, it is analyzed in real-time, providing appropriate checks, alerts and messages so corrective action can take place. As a by-product of better floor visibility and control, this floor level control allows effective error proofing of data updating files.

APS Workbench – provides your production scheduler with powerful graphical interfaces which can be used to visually “optimize” real-time work loads across work centers. The interfaces can be optimized with custom filters and advanced planning functions to programmatically arrange your work requirements based on your customer criteria and deliver it to the floor.

Time & Attendance Workbench – accountability of the workers for overall employee effectiveness using a supervisor shift edit “window” into time clock and job records throughout the shift.

Machine Monitoring – Real-Time monitoring of floor assets provides the bridge for updating job status, consuming raw materials, recording labor and enabling visibility to important resources without operator data entry. Unlike traditional shop floor data collection systems, event data is collected directly from the machines/lines/cells (without a terminal/PC required). An operator control station HMI allows additional editing of downtime reasons (when not automatically recorded) and viewing of job set-up sheets. Detail events are captured and summarized in to such well known metrics as OEE with identification to specific assets.

Paperless Documents – an electronic floor communication system that promotes collaboration between various documents (quality, instructions, drawings, etc.) and the employees that use them to build parts/products through a paperless approach to quality control/document delivery and making it actionable.

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