Shop Floor Workbench

Factivity Shop Floor Workbench

The FACTIVITY’s SHOP FLOOR (SF) WORKBENCH provides functionality for real-time WIP tracking, better material management and improved production control.  FACTIVITY’s SF WORKBENCH has three add-on modules which provide additional “paperless” functionality.

Factivity Shop Floor Documents Module

DOCUMENT MODULE provides delivery of job packet documents such as, set-up instructions, drawings, routings and BOM’s and quality data capture through user created touch screen templates.

Factivity Shop Floor Machine Monitoring Module

MACHINE MONITORING MODULE PROVIDES monitoring of a machine’s real-time to automatically track of production, as well as, capture up/down time with reason codes.

Factivity Shop Floor Job Time Edits Module

JOB TIME EDIT MODULE provides automated user-defined “rules” to improve labor transaction accuracy and allows daily shift based supervisor sign-off.

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