WIP Manufacturing Software | FACTIVITY MES

Visibility to WIP work in process is the reason to have an advanced Shop Floor Data Collection System and manufacturing Execution software system. FACTIVITY makes all factory floor activities visible.

  • Raw materials and components
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Completions at each operation
  • Outsourced processes and
  • Finished goods completions

Operators activity on the job

  • Labor time tracking
  • Production reporting by operator
  • Scrap tracking with reason codes

Supervisors visibility to each operator and job

  • Scheduled Time projected by part
  • Optimized sequencing of the jobs
  • Compliance to the Schedule
  • Capture of OEE- Availability of the asset verses downtime
    – Performance against expected rated speeds
    – Quality to measure scrap by asset with reason

  • Set-up instructions
  • Work instructions
  • Quality Documents
  • Parts programs
  • Customizable template