Manufacturers face numerous constraints on a daily basis as they strive to ship orders on-time and at minimum cost. The reality of this globally competitive manufacturing landscape, however, is that production managers and planners have limited resources with which to work.

  • Allows users to easily move orders around with our exclusive Drag-and-Drop tool feature and always respects constraints while automatically moving other work out of the way.
  • User definable Gantt labels and pop-up mouse tip display.
  • Gives the look-and-feel of Microsoft products for easy usage.
  • Shows resource utilization and availability by looking at an organized Capacity Plan graph and grid.
  • Highlights problems, like bottlenecks, in red so you’ll never miss a scheduling conflict again.
  • Alerts are sent to email and pagers when shop floor issues occur for rapid response.
  • Factivity will integrate quickly & easily with your ERP system.