Analytics Modules | FACTIVITY MES Software

Beyond a real time productivity tracker, a machine downtime tracker and dashboard visualization, the FACTIVITY MES software goes beyond current correction of slow performance, spikes in scrap and too much downtime.  FACTIVITY analytics, a data warehouse of metrics and KPI’s, stores all transaction data so you can use Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS) to investigate the root causes for poor OEE. Imagine being able to drill down from a consolidate view over any date range for total OEE along with drill into specifics of:

  • Factory performance of actual rates verses expected rates
  • Factory quality of scrap analysis with reason for better yield attainment
  • Factory availability of downtime with reason codes for better utilization of machines
  • Drill down by machine, operator, and reason codes to identify the underlying issues

Manufacturing tracking software should always provide your management team with metrics and KPI’s that help identify areas of possible improvement.  Beyond real time productivity tracking in Dashboards is the evaluation over time of such important measurements as downtime availability by machine, labor, part and time frame.  Same goes for scrap reporting that will allow your process improvement or quality and lean teams to identify work slowdown cause and put in place correct action.

Not only can FACTIVITY provide this data for one plant, but we can consolidate all your plants into our Multi-Plant Data Warehouse.