Job Time Tracking

FACTIVITY core module, the Shop Floor Module, provides the best in Job Time Tracking software with its configurable approach to deployment of the operator stations. FACTIVITY does not license by the number of people on the factory floor so there is no limit on the number of operators that can sign-on a job!

Configurable Screens

You and only you know the best approach to your user experience. Factivity provides easy to customized screens and layouts with our newest drag and drop operator interface to provide you flexibility with unlimited configurations.

Alerts and Alarms for Enhanced Error-Proofing

  • Prevent operator from entering too much production
  • Know when too much scrap being reported the moment it happens
  • Productivity alerts when production below user defined boundaries
  • Be altered to downtime situations as they occur

User defined fields visible on the operator stations

Select from fields that are within FACTIVITY or downloaded from your ERP system that can be easily selected as display field on the operator screens.

Set-up Analysis

Tracking set-up time can be an important accounting requirement but knowing about different types of set-up, like major changeovers verses minor changeovers, can help improve your understanding of the floor activity. When using the FACTIVITY APS scheduling system, this can be an important back-end evaluation and part of a metric for shrinking production time, lean manufacturing, and process analytics.


Shift to shift communications can be recorded and easily seen by the messaging facility with in FACTIVITY template system. This information can be recorded as a onetime instant message or captured for future use at the part level.

Quality Data Capture

Beyond the recording of comments, templates can be used for Quality Data Capture. These templates are user configurable with the ability to provide:

  • Drop down lists, such as, dies and tools used for asset tracking
  • Check boxes for recording things like required set-up activity or
  • Capturing measures automatically from scales or other testing and sample equipment

Visibility can be at the Jobs operation activity level – everyone that interacted with that operation…

  • What was each factory person working on during the shift?
  • When exactly did they start/stop each activity?
  • How long it took them to do each activity?
  • What did they product?
  • What did they scrap?
  • What problems occurred during their shift?

Visibility can be at the employee activity level and each and every time they sign-on to a job or task (for indirect reporting)

Share information between operators, supervisors, departments and shifts using our Electronic Message Manager or send every message to Outlook so even if you don’t have access to a FACTIVITY station, you can still see information on your personal PC or tablet.

Work is shown in real-time and can be displayed as Classic Efficiency for all production reported at each FACTIVITY station but can also be displayed in the new OEE measure of Performance.

And there is no need for buy and use bar code readers to complete job based transactions such as starting a job and/or finishing a job! If you are scanning on or off jobs, you can never truly remove paper and, therefore, you can never be truly paperless!

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