The Metrics Module that allows Manufacturing Management a tool to drill down into data and find ways to improve their manufacturing floor’s production process.  Using Microsoft’s Reporting Services functionality, these KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Analysis Reports go beyond the standard set of OEE measurements of Availability, Performance and Quality.

This Modules goes well beyond the simple Analysis of Up and Down time on a machine which is just not enough to identify the root cause factory floor problems.  Although displayed in real-time these dash board too often fall short of data elements that can help focus on the reasons for problems not just keeping track of the measure in a score board view. Using Microsoft’s SQL Reporting Services is a great way to show the underlying data captured by FACTIVITY Shop Floor Workbench.

The Module has groups of reports that include OEE Analysis, Labor Analysis, Job Analysis as well as a facility to evaluate Alarms capture in the Shop Floor Workbench:

Using the power of the drill down in this pervasive and easy to use Reporting Tool, FACTIVITY could help manufactures focus in on the root cause of problems captured in real-time.  For example, to complement the evaluation of OEE are the detail analysis of each of the components of OEE…Availability (Down Time), Quality (Scrap) and Performance.  Each of these “views” are user configurable by several sort criteria built into the report.  Sorting scrap, for example, by type of scrap, identification of the resource with the most/least scrap, the employee involved and all queries can be selected by user defined date ranges.

These Metrics can be a great asset to management involved with Lean Manufacturing a well as an invaluable tool for Value Steam Mapping of a factory floor.