Execution (MES) moves MS ERP to the Factory Floor

MS ERP Integration with Best in Class APS & MES Combined Solution for Paperless Execution providing OEE, Labor tracking and operational Analytics

Here Are Just A Few Examples of What You Can Import From 365 For Operations / AX:
  • Work Center Groups and Work Centers
  • Machines, Items and Inventory
  • Sales, Purchase and Production Orders
  • Routing Lines and Production Order Components

FACTIVITY Also Allows You to Publish Schedules Back To 365 For Operations / AX as well at directly and electronically to the factory floor for better scheduling compliance:

  • Publish scheduled start and end datetime on production orders. Specifically, fields Schedend and Schedstart on ProdTable table
  • Publish scheduled start and end datetime on production order jobs. Fields from date, fromtime, todate and totime in table prodroutejob
  • Optionally publish Costed Resource
  • Optionally publish Production Quantities
  • Optionally publish the Production Status
  • Publishing works via SQL stored procedures or AX .Net connector. (Please note: If using the AX .Net connector, a Microsoft AX Device CAL and a Menu Item CAL are required.)
  • Compatible Versions: FACTIVITY APS is pre-integrated with Dynamics 365 for Operations, AX 2012, 2009, 4.0, and can also be retrofitted to earlier versions.