Fog Software Group Announces Acquisition of Factivity

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15 January 2019 – (Deerfield, IL, USA) – Fog Software Group (“Fog”), a division of Vela Software, has completed the acquisition of Factivity, Inc (“Factivity”). Cleveland, OH-based Factivity is a leader in Manufacturing Execution [...]

Factivity MES and Carlisle Brake and Friction’s Lean Initiative: Part Two

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Recap In our last blog, we wrote about Carlisle Brake and Friction’s lean project. The 101-year-old manufacturing company used a creative and fascinating “lean” approach as the framework for modernizing its production and business [...]

Lean and Factivity MES at Carlisle Brake and Friction: Part One

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Some people believe that lean manufacturing is incompatible with computerized systems, but that is not the case. Lean is incompatible with complicated computerized processes that add non-value-added steps to production, but a well-thought-out solution, like [...]

Beyond the Basics: What’s Next for Industry 4.0?

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While the basics of Industry 4.0 may sound futuristic, it won’t be long before we see even more sweeping changes in manufacturing. When new technologies arrive on the scene, it can be hard to [...]

Real-Time Productivity Tracking from OEE to Time & Attendance

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Don’t forget these few facts…Part 1 Accurate factory floor production reporting is becoming more and more important for many manufacturing companies for a variety of reasons. Reasons that range from process improvement projects to [...]

Understanding Manufacturing and the IoT

How can your business benefit from the Internet of Things?

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MES Myths and Mistakes ...

Not knowing about the issues surrounding this technology can cost your factory plenty!

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