Production Planning Software | FACTIVITY MES

Planning Software offers a simply solution for better more effective determination of material requirements while ensuring efficient use of shop floor equipment and machine utilization for a lean production process. Best practices start with good material planning that can shrink inventory levels beyond MRP. Minimize the time and costs associated with inventory and production planning.

Manufacturing ERP software are not all the same but regardless of vendor’s claims is a concept developed and utilized for over 40 years. New features and function provide in the newest solutions available today are visual, easy-to-use and optimize you inventory in seconds not minutes…and hours!

The trend today towards lean and agile manufacturing drive companies to do more with their current assets and other resources…not just materials. Planning can be executed in finite or infinite mode over user defined bucket less planning horizons…of days, weeks, months or a combination of all three. Parameters can be set against each item which allows different calculations for each item based on attributes.

FACTIVITY APS planning imports forecast data, with its many fluctuations and combines it with current sales data and inventory levels to smooth out and create a Master Production Schedule or MPS that is obtainable with the least stress on the assets and resources available. And once the Master Production Schedule runs it can be displayed on stock level and capacity usage charts for best in class user experience UX of any planning software in the market today.

From our many implementations many of our customer’s realize he following benefits:

  • Improved delivery time
  • Reduction in Set-up time
  • Reduced Work-in-Process WIP levels
  • Increase in production with same assets
  • Targeted overtime labor assignments to maximize overtime pay