QAD MES Software

FACTIVITY – the only MES for QAD

The FACTIVITY system is the premier and most widely implemented Progress based MES add-on system for QAD users and it is licensed on premise as well by FACTIVITY’s cloud hosted solution.

Our paperless approach streamlines both Shop Floor Data Collection and time and attendance reporting through our unique intuitive easy-to-install and use touch screen operator interface.

By adding our Machine Monitoring Module, you can connect your machines directly to QAD for automatic production reporting as well as provide dashboards to show OEE downtime and other performance based metrics.

Our Advanced Planning and Scheduling APS Module for QAD optimizes the sequence of parts by minimizing inventory, set-up time, and greatly improve the machine as well as mold, tool/die utilization.


  • Plugs and plays with QAD out of the box
  • Progress based product
  • Interface¬† by QXtend
  • Runs on a standard Win or Unix network
  • Easy-to-use Touch screens for operators
  • OEE real-time dashboards
  • Modules for APS
  • Modules for Time & Attendance
  • Modules for OPC integration to machines

All our solutions are tightly integrated using QXtend for fast safe updating into QAD. The take away is that since we are a long standing partner with QAD your company does not have to pay for the QXtend license we install our MES since we are a certified Product Partner Solution with a certified integration.

FACTIVITY QAD MES Delivers Unmatched Customer Support 

Front line provided by FACTIVITY – 24/7 hotline

Services – Implementation are quick with minimal cost and are provide directly by FACTIVITY consultants

The must-read guide for automation solutions on your factory floor!

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