SAP Integration

Manufacturing Execution (MES) makes SAP ERP more agile

SAP ERP Integration with Best in Class APS & MES Combined Solution

FACTIVITY is the rapid-to-implement and easy-to-use APS/MES solution for manufacturers that run SAP. Gain the critical OEE and machine automation integration implement in three to six months. Use your existing SAP data in FACTIVITY via SAP certified technology.

Our APS Is Fully Integrated with SAP And Allows For:

  • Easily configured data flows, using SAP Certified technology
  • A pre-configured integration solution for users of SAP® ERP and FACTIVITY APS/MES.
  • Provides rich and current SAP® data for users of FACTIVITY APS scheduling.
  • Enables automatic transfer of master data and transactional data from SAP® ERP to FACTIVITY APS, and production schedule updates from APS published on demand or automatically for shop floor and production data collection combined with paperless execution.
  • Rapid configuration, real-time communication, easy-to-use, low maintenance, high value and outstanding support.