Labor tracking software

Visibility of labor time via FACTIVITY’s labor tracking system is more than just accounting for labor time on a job.  It is the accountability of activity performed by your factory floor people and the ability to provide an intuitive manufacturing system to help management keep track of all of the factory floor activities.  FACTIVITY’s unique operator interface makes collection of labor time easy for them and by error proofing activity, it provides accurate information for accounting.

Our paperless FACTVIEW provides a window into the factory floor to evaluate direct time on a job as well as indirect time on activities along with key performance indicator KPI’s of shop floor productivity and much more.

With FACTIVITY shop floor data collection terminals on the factory floor, it is no longer required to have factory workers clock-in or clock-out at the door.  The floor screens allow a person to clock-in at his/her work area.  This can be accomplished automatically when they select the first job on from their to-do dispatch list at the touch of a button.

Customizable Screens and Functions

Like all screen and functions in FACTIVITY, software switches under the covers can be set by authorized users to change what the user sees and the procedures they must follow.  For example, under easy to modify program software switches,

  • You can require workers to first clock into the factory before starting a job
  • You can require they job-out of all the jobs before signing out of the factory
  • You can require supervisor approval of everyone’s job records
  • You can allow automatic posting of job records without any supervisor intervention
  • You can list only the employees that have a conflicts with preset daily job rules

Multiple people on one job

The FACTIVITY labor management software facility keeps track of all people on the job at each operation for the time they are working at their machine, line, cell or work center.  Therefore, if a helper signs in for only part of the time that the operation is running, only the amount of time he/she is “jobbed-in” will be collected.

Single person on multiple jobs

When a single person is working multiple jobs simultaneously in an automated operation, his time can be allocated accurately across all the jobs being work at the same time regardless of how often he clocks in/out.  Allocation of time can be by duration of time or pieces completed or other user defined algorithms.

Piece work departments require bullet proof accountability of work produced by tracking each and every quantity reported; and knowing who reported it, when it was time stamped, and his/her labor productivity and efficiency for each quantity reported.  Identification of operators and line leaders can be from pre-defined pick list, card reader, from a biometric finger identification or by hand punch recognition.

Rules can be applied at the job reporting level and/or at the factory punch in/out level.  In either case, the supervisor or management has the ability to view each and every activity during the shift for each of his team.  Rules might include how to handle “gap” time or automatically removing lunch and break times for the electronic job tickets.

Overtime tracking can be analyzed and compared to pay period rules. As work is reported, the hours for each employee are compared to their schedule, vacation time verified and hour totaled with exception highlighted. Upon approval, electronic files are passed to ADP, Paychex and other payroll processing systems with all the information they need to pay your employees with no need for time tickets, punch card or even time clocks at the doors.

Questions people ask about FACTIVITY Labor Management paperless approach:

  • Do I need clocks at the doors? No
  • Can I use biometric and employee badges if I want? Yes
  • Can labor transactions be sent immediately to my ERP system prior to supervisor editing? Yes
  • Can the daily records be retrieved and later edited on another day? Yes
  • Can I improve accuracy by having lunch and break periods automatically removed? Yes