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Beyond a simple line management is the need to find the best optimal sequencing of all your production work orders and shop activity.  FACTIVITY’s advanced planning and scheduling functions include level loading to make MRP schedules realistic, help improve on time delivery and provide a lean manufacturing approach that shrinks inventory levels, while maximizing the labor and machine assets.

Imagine your production department with the following benefits…

  • Automatically schedule your factory in seconds while optimizing the use of your resources
  • Always respects actual constraints of equipment, tools and people when automatically scheduling
  • Using a visible white board to manually fine tune the automatic schedule using multiple scenarios
  • Knowing when and where materials will be used and inventory depleted on a job-by-job basis
  • Select to schedule using JIT (Just in Time) logic to minimize Work-In-Progress inventory
  • Or use the Theory of Constraints scheduling with Drum-Buffer-Rope logic

Visualizing your production facility from your mobile tablet, cell phone or even through giant screen monitors, which will help everyone on your shop floor to get on the same page with productivity.

FACTIVITY MES is used worldwide.

  • Seeing the production work orders tied to customer orders
  • Highlighting potential problems, like bottlenecks, in red so you’ll never miss a scheduling conflict

Visualize in advance where you don’t have enough capacity or inventory to meet demand, enabling you to plan and adjust.  Identify periods of time where capacity will be underutilized thus enabling you to promote certain products to take advantage of that capacity or cut manufacturing overhead costs.  See your bottleneck operation and where time is being lost to help determine line management adjustments.

With the FACTIVITY APS you can create multiple scenarios for comparing the main schedule against experimental schedules.  For example, determine the least amount of overtime needed to make potentially late jobs change into on time delivery without over committing other departments and building unnecessary inventory and spending unnecessary dollars.

Optimization is now possible. Take your MRP runs and pass it electronically into our scheduling software.  Within seconds you can balancing between any combination of: due dates, priority, revenue, WIP reduction, setup time reduction, work remaining, and much more…

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Advanced Planning and Scheduling…Can you afford to live without it?

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