The FACTIVITY Time & Attendance software module is designed to process clock and job card records for export to an external payroll system.

Reviews, editing, and authorization of employee records are accomplished by date, shift, plant and optionally by work center or department.

Once clock “punch-in and punch-out” data is recorded (and optionally, if job card information has been imported), the Employee Shift Edit Screen is used to review and verify the information. This system highlights any discrepancies between time clock and job card hours, shift schedule and clock card, etc. A summary screen provides for approval by shift or individual employee and drill down to detail job and clock data for editing.

Employee time & attendance information is directly tied to an employee’s activity during the workday. The employee is assigned a specific attendance schedule to which actual time clock information is verified. The employees’ production and indirect activities during the shift are compared to the clock card times and any discrepancies noted for supervisor verification. Approved time card and job card information is processed for export by employee to external payroll and job costing systems.

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