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Overall Equipment Effectiveness can be provided to you and your management team with productivity tracking through real-time feedback on a production dashboard.  FACTIVITY has a variety of dashboards that highlight at the machine level performance, quality and availability on a mobile tablet attached to machines or on customizable giant screens.

FACTIVITY connects directly to machines and captures OEE measurements through a variety of machine monitoring equipment like a PLC and/or PAC controller offered by vendors such as Opto and Moxa. FACTIVITY’s OPC solution is plug and play, ready to capture SCADA level data when the machine starts, when it goes down, when pieces are produced and depending on sensors counts on pieces scrapped.

All data captured can be sent as detected or batched and transmitted on a short time frequency.  With touch screen tablets at each machine or at a more central kiosk location, other important data can be tied to the job, such as, scrap reason codes and downtime reason codes.

Now you can…

  • See actual rates verses expected rates of production
  • Receive continuous information on yield by machine, part and operator
  • Find the specific and reoccurring cause for downtime and lost production
  • Get an alarm for too much scrap or specific downtime reason



Scrap Reporting Software

Scrap reporting along with downtime reporting goes beyond identification of amount of scrap and time lost for machine outages and maintenance.  The reason codes for these situations must be captured and FACTIVITY can tie it to a part, machine, tool, operator and routing step.  That is why our Shop Floor Data Collection product uses an operator interface that can assist in the capture of these situations.  With our machine monitoring facility, these occurrences can be captured without operator intervention for improved ease of use and error proofing.

When scrap is reported sometimes the parts can be sent back through one or more prior operations.  This rework loop can be automatically created by allowing the operator under certain scrap reason codes to select the starting operation for the part routing.  Parts are re-dispatched to the proper starting point with the need for additional paper and wasted time.

Downtime Reporting Software

When downtime is reported, sometimes the situation requires a particular person, manager or group of people need to be notified of the condition and location of the downtime occurrence.  Through the user defined downtime reason codes, alarms can be sent via FACTIVITY’s paperless messaging system to the appropriate people in maintenance or production management to be notified immediately and allow them immediate notification of floor problems without wasting time.

Productivity Trackingfactory-metrics-oee

As production is captured from each machine through our machine monitoring and machine integration, or manually entered through touch screen keypads, productivity is calculated and displayed for each operation in real-time.  The measurement of operational data helps both management and shop floor labor to stay on top of productivity.

But what about the productivity of the flow of parts through the factory?  Sometimes identified as Lean Manufacturing principles, the flow of work from the time of Work Order release until action is taken on the floor is made visible, as well as, bottlenecks in production


paperless-oeeBeyond a real time productivity tracker, a machine downtime tracker and dashboard visualization, the FACTIVITY MES software goes beyond current correction of slow performance, spikes in scrap and too much downtime.  FACTIVITY analytics, a data warehouse of metrics and KPI’s, stores all transaction data so you can use Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS) to investigate the root causes for poor OEE. Imagine being able to drill down from a consolidate view over any date range for total OEE along with drill into specifics of:

  • Factory performance of actual rates verses expected rates
  • Factory quality of scrap analysis with reason for better yield attainment
  • Factory availability of downtime with reason codes for better utilization of machines
  • Drill down by machine, operator, and reason codes to identify the underlying issues

Manufacturing tracking software should always provide your management team with metrics and KPI’s that help identify areas of possible improvement.  Beyond real time productivity tracking in Dashboards is the evaluation over time of such important measurements as downtime availability by machine, labor, part and time frame.  Same goes for scrap reporting that will allow your process improvement or quality and lean teams to identify work slowdown cause and put in place correct action.

Not only can FACTIVITY provide this data for one plant, but we can consolidate all your plants into our Multi-Plant Data Warehouse.

Multi-Plant Metrics

Viewing Metrics such as OEE measurements at a single plant is valuable and can help identify areas of improvement.  Using these same measurements in multiple plants and comparing the results can help identify areas of best practices that can be shared with other production facilities.  Regardless of whether these plants have high volume manufacturing parts in a repetitive fashion or your plants are more job shop oriented, consolidating KPI’s into a central data warehouse is now a reality.

Use your own current Data Warehouse software or our already defined Microsoft SQL Server multi-plant manufacturing database.  Either way we delivery consolidate production data on labor tracking, machine OEE, downtime tracking and scrap analysis on a plant by plant basis.

FACTIVITY MES is used worldwide.  Our software works with SAP, QAD, BPICS, Navision, Baan, other legacy and customized ERP systems using one of our existing pre-integration or one that is configured to fits your specific needs.