Shop Floor Module

A Touch Screen Operator Interface that You Create

FACTIVITY can make sense of all factory floor data being collected so you can see how effectively you’re using machine resources and labor to help identify areas for making process improvements. FACTIVITY Shop Floor Module provides the easy-to-use, intuitive and configurable operator interface that is the hallmark of our success.

How it works

Our touch screen design is a real-time platform which provides a one touch approach to accurate labor time, visibility to machine performance, error proofing of BOM material usage, scrap and downtime logging, as well as, on demand bar code label printing.

The supervisor screen provides visibility and control of all activity on the machines and work centers. Supervisors can use a detailed, paperless, dispatch listing and a schedule Gantt of all the shop orders. Supervisors can use one or both views to sequence shift loads and assign work to different machines. Jobs can be split onto multiple machines to help expedite the delivery to customer or group order into one “nested” order to help minimize the operator reporting, making it more efficient.

Experience the Benefits

A configurable dashboard is available for viewing on giant screen monitors throughout the plant.

Included in this Module, is a complete set of management data presented in charts and spreadsheets. Also provided is an easy to learn report writer facility that allows you to customize your own views of our data. Each report can be delivered peerlessly to any of the FACTIVITY floor station at a touch of a button for real-time viewing:

OEE both real-time and analytics

  1. Performance summarized with drill-down to specific resources
  2. Downtime and Scrap summarized and in detail by reason codes
  3. Labor Time Performance and Accountability by shift
  4. Part Flow Analysis (Queue/Bottleneck Identification)

Getting Started

FACTIVITY Shop Floor Module helps you work around unanticipated changes. Decision support is provided by “seeing” each part and process in real time. This helps reduce the need for expensive outsourcing, safety stock inventory build-up and premium transportation, while improving labor efficiency and machine utilization.

FACTIVITY Shop Floor is the “WINDOW-INTO-YOUR-FACTORY” which measures each job as it moves through your production process making it the go-to factory floor solution for Production Management.

MES Myths and Mistakes...

Not knowing about the issues surrounding this technology can cost your factory plenty!

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