Shop Floor Machine Monitoring Module

Produce OEE Metrics Activity with FACTIVITY

FACTIVITY extends the capabilities of its award-winning FACTIVITY shop floor WORKBENCH with a module that connects directly to factory floor assets for real-time monitoring of machines, lines and cells.

FACTIVITY Machine Monitoring can display changes as they occur and produce valuable Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics.

How it Works

FACTIVITY monitors factory floor activity by providing:

  • REAL-TIME VISIBILITY into all assets currently on the floor, including machines, lines and cells
  • PERFORMANCE information on machines, lines and cells as each cycle completes
  • Capture of DOWN TIME situations tied to specific MACHINES, PARTS and LABOR
  • REASON CODES captured automically or entered manually

Experience the Benefits

FACTIVITY supports lean manufacturing by reducing waste through:

  • Reduce shop floor paper
  • Minimize bottlenecks between operations
  • Shrink WIP Inventory and improve material accuracy
  • Eliminate waste time of either manual or bar coded data entry
  • Provide a value-stream mapping as a bi-product of using the system
  • Alert management real-time to work problems and inefficient activities
  • Optimize the sequencing and scheduling of the production supply chain
  • Provide a systemized approach to a Kaizen Events by getting operators involved

Getting Started

FACTIVITY Machine Monitoring Module is flexible, scalable and easy to implement:

  • The interface is worker-friendly and color coded touch screens are specifically designed for the needs of the factory floor.
  • Operator training is simple and intuitive – employees can be trained within two hours.
  • Touch screens are located where employees need them – on the factory floor.
  • Security passwords protect data integrity.

Understanding Manufacturing and the IoT

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