MES Solution

An MES Solution That Will Transform your Business

FACTIVITY provides manufacturing companies with easy-to-use activity tracking for your factory floor: from work force time tracking to overall equipment effectiveness. We provide the information systems to extend your ERP system to the factory floor. Our unique touch screen interface can provide a reliable method to clock employees into the factory and track their time on each and every job. FACTIVITY can be the HMI to your machines and equipment, providing real-time OEE and historical analysis, to promote lean manufacturing and best practices in your production process.


The FACTIVITY’s MES provides functionality for real-time WIP tracking, machine efficiency, labor accountability, better material management and improved production control.  Factivity’s SF Workbench has three add-on modules which provide additional “paperless” functionality.

Visibility of Floor Activities for Shop Floor Control

FACTIVITY can make sense of all factory floor data being collected so you can see how effectively you’re using machine resources and labor to help identify areas for making process improvements. For example, FACTIVITY provides a complete set of management Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) output in real-time, in charts and detail reports as well as directly into Excel:

  1. Overall OEE both real-time and analytics
  2. Performance summarized with drill-down to specific resources
  3. Downtime and Scrap summarized and in detail by reason codes
  4. Labor Time Performance and Accountability by shift
  5. Part Flow Analysis (Queue/Bottleneck Identification)

Process Improvement

FACTIVITY helps you work around unanticipated changes. Decision support is provided by “seeing” each part and process in real time. This helps reduce the need for expensive outsourcing, safety stock inventory build-up and premium transportation, while improving labor efficiency and machine utilization.

Web Based User Viewers at No Charge

Our FACTIVIEWS are web browser-based views screens (part of the Documents Module) that can reside on management’s desk tops and provide real-time data even when you aren’t in the office! Keep track of job line-ups, status of work orders, labor job cards for the shift, as well as machine overall effectiveness (OEE). Customer Service can use the views to investigate due dates on any part that is on the factory floor. Quality can see which jobs to expect to arrive at that area during the shift. Maintenance can see when is the best time to provide necessary work on machines

Beyond Data Collection is Improved Information Control

FACTIVITY can also function as a process improvement tool, allowing you to create quality data capture “templates” in a drag-and-drop environment to record measurements and identify non-conformance conditions. The add-on Documents provides a bridge for document delivery to allow viewing of CAD, JPG, Set-up Instructions, Video Clips, ISO / QS 9000 controlled documents at the touch of a button.

One Part of the Entire MES Solution

FACTIVITY MES (Manufacturing Execution System) which provides you with a “WINDOW-INTO-YOUR-FACTORY” which measures each job as it moves through your production process making it the go-to factory floor solution for Production Management.


  • REAL-TIME VISIBILITY into all employees by supervisor
  • JOB hours can be approved with the touch of a button
  • Time (start and stop) can be EDITED by superior(s) with appropriate authority
  • RULES can be applied to help adjust daily start/stop and lunch times

Factivity MES Solution

Shop Floor Module

  • Touch Screen
  • Production Reporting
  • Labor Time Tracking
  • Material Usage
  • Lot and Label Printing

Documents Module

  • One touch Delivery
  • Multiple Documents
  • FACTVIEW Web Access
  • Quality Data Capture

OEE Software

  • TOPC Connection
  • Automatic Data Collection
  • Data Acquisition
  • OEE with Real-Time Dashboards

MES Myths and Mistakes …

Not knowing about the issues surrounding this technology can cost your factory plenty!

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