FACTIVITY: MES Intelligence to Drive Performance

Actionable, Real-Time Factory Floor Visibility

Manufacturing companies today realize that factory floor data collection is simply not enough to stay competitive. There’s a growing need for real-time visibility and real-time solutions.

Easy-to-use information tools can help management optimize schedules, eliminate bottlenecks, minimize scrap, shrink downtime, and maximize machine (OEE) and labor assets.

This functionality is offered in the FACTIVITY MES. Using a customizable factory floor user interface (UI), FACTIVITY MES software will improve your production process, lower costs, and improve on-time delivery.

Make Better Decisions with Real-Time Data

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Seamless Integration

Effectively integrating MES with your ERP is critical to achieving your plant performance objectives. FACTIVITY has deep experience, seamlessly integrating with leading ERPs and core technologies including QAD, PlanetTogether, and Ignition.

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Don’t let these OEE myths lead to operational mistakes and poor performance.

Watch this video now.

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