Shop Floor Data Collection

Shop Floor Data Collection

FACTIVITY’s Shop Floor Data Collection Software (SFDC) provides the best MES Manufacturing Execution System software which is easy-to-install and easier-to-use. Designed and developed from its inception for touch screens with our own unique operator push button user interface UI providing you with the best factory UX…user experience available today.

FACTIVITY is used by thousands of factory floor workers every day throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Our Manufacturing Execution System MES software solution is a paperless factory solution which provides in depth factory floor visibility and control.

This intuitive operator interface software has been time tested and proven to maximize your ROI. It is a plug and play shop floor solution…or FACTIVITY can be configured (by non-technical users) to your specific requirements and match your own lean manufacturing objectives.

Data Collection Terminals

FACTIVITY was built from inception as a touch screen approach to capture factory floor and job shop information.  You can save large amounts of money by eliminating the need for RF bar code readers and still receive all the benefit of a simple, low cost, factory network using the latest in tablet hardware.

What are the things that bother you about your current approach to shop floor management?

  • Do you suffer from a lack of visibility to all jobs?
  • Still using paper based documents, such as, spreadsheets to keep track of work?
  • Do you know what the performance is on all your machines right now?
  • Do you question the accuracy of your labor time…and costs?
  • How much will be completed today?
  • Can you accurately predict when jobs will be completed and ready for shipment?
  • Can you identify bottleneck operations as demand changes?
  • Do you have inaccurate inventory balances?
  • Are material variances too high?

Through inexpensive tablets and/or touch screens, operators interact with FACTIVITY’s paperless work order and paperless job packets.  Expensive RF bar code readers are not required and no barcode time tracking is required. Through your tablet data collection terminals, operators can sign in/out of the factory and in/out of jobs at the touch of a single button in a fast and simplified manner.

This productivity tracking software system provides clear visibility of all factory activity and creates a unique factory time study for each job as it travels the floor.  Bottleneck activity is captured without the operator involvement to help management eliminate bottleneck operations in production.  From the time work orders are released into the system until FACTIVITY puts parts into finished good inventory, our MES solution:

  • Tracks labor time for any specific or all of your routings steps
  • Measures productivity in real time
  • Provides detail scrap reporting with reason codes
  • Captures accurate downtime reporting with reason codes
  • Displays dashboards on one or all machines
  • Produces OEE and other analytics and KPI factory metrics
  • Provides drill down evaluation of a single plant
  • Multi-plant data warehouse of metrics to compare all your production facilities

Within weeks of installing our best MES software, you will:

  • Account for materials/components in a more controlled and accurate manner
  • Have automatic paperless backflushing to your ERP system
  • Keep WIP as was as raw material and finished goods inventory up-to-the-minute in real time as work is completed
  • Improve labor management and factory accountability
  • Improve productivity with production dashboards
  • Improve on time delivery

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