Labor Tracking

Employee Time Tracking and Labor Management

Improve Labor Costing and Accountability

An easy-to-use and intuitive operator interface are essential component of an effective labor costing system. And an effective labor costing system promotes better accountability, workforce management and continuous improvement. FACTIVITY includes powerful, configurable labor tracking software that gets you the data you need while minimizing the time employees spend reporting it.

Do you suffer from:

  • Little or no job time reporting?
  • Inaccurate time standards?
  • No good method to compare payroll data to job cost data?
  • Inability to know who worked jobs when scrap and downtime is reported?
  • No compliance to scheduled shift loads
  • A lack of visibility regarding missed productivity targets?

Using the latest automated data collection technologies designed for touch screen and configured by you to maximize the User Experience and operational reporting. FACTIVITY’s labor management software records when workers start and finish each shop floor activity. FACTIVITY captures detailed data about orders, operations, machines, materials used, quantities reported, quality data reported in a quick and easy fashion. In real time, the FACTIVITY alarm system can alert supervisors and management via email to situation that need attention immediately.

FACTIVITY also captures indirect activity such as safety meetings or machine maintenance. Throughout the day, supervisors can monitor how direct and indirect labor charges correspond to attendance time. The system flags exceptions—missed punches, time gaps, unreasonable efficiencies, and other problems. This forces supervisors to resolve these issues and electronically approve the data while the day’s activities are still fresh in everybody’s mind.

Throughout the day, FACTIVITY sends data to your ERP for immediate posting. FACTIVITY updates your ERP just seconds after employees finish recording materials, quantities produced and scrapped. As a result, all of your ERP users can see real-time status and up-to-the-minute costs.

For most companies, FACTIVITY can store several years of efficiency and utilization data. You can mine this data using FACTIVITY’s Analytics using MS SQL Reporting Services for drill down analysis.

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