Frequently Asked Questions

FACTIVITY does not require paper.

FACTIVITY shows real time information about orders and operations with up-to-minute dispatch lists (schedules) to help keep the most important jobs on top.

FACTIVITY has a finite scheduler built in to provide realistic line-up of work at each work center.

FACTIVITY analyzes your time standards, in real time and alerts you to problems as they occur.

No, FACTIVITY is an intuitive system that does not use a “left-to-right” orientation of other systems. It uses big, colorful buttons that lead the operator through the data collection process quickly. Many of our customers have spent as little as 2 HOURS training the operator before going live.

You can justify the FACTIVITY system…

  • If you don’t have good visibility to every floor order on a real time basis.
  • If the labor time from the floor today via time tickets is sometimes inaccurate.
  • If job reporting takes too long.
  • If you want to shrink your manufacturing cycle time.
  • If you want to go “paperless” on the factory floor.
  • If you need to improve the accuracy of your standards.

FACTIVITY runs on a Windows Server or UNIX/LINUX server. We can install it (and order the hardware) if you like. The touch screen reporting stations (workstations on the floor) run on Windows.

Yes, many customers have found the touch screen to be the best choice for a new factory floor system. They are designed to handle temperature changes and extremely harsh manufacturing environments.

Many customers now use commonly available Tablets and FACTIVITY has third party hardware providers we can recommend.

Yes, FACTIVITY is a standard “open” network system that allows interfacing to floor machines.

Complete our Contact Us form or call us at 1-800-369-FACTIVITY (6377). We will direct your call to the appropriate person who can answer your questions and discuss how we have worked with other manufactures to help them move into “The Future of Shop Floor Control” with FACTIVITY .

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