OEE Software

Overall Equipment Effectiveness can be provided to you and your management team with productivity tracking through real-time feedback on a production dashboard. FACTIVITY has a variety of dashboards that highlight at the machine level performance, quality and availability on a mobile tablet attached to machines or on customizable giant screens.


FACTIVITY connects directly to machines and captures OEE measurements through a variety of machine monitoring equipment like a PLC and/or PAC controller offered by vendors such as Opto and Moxa. FACTIVITY’s OPC solution is plug and play, ready to capture SCADA level data when the machine starts, when it goes down, when pieces are produced and depending on sensors counts on pieces scrapped.

Machine parameters can be captured through the FACTIVITY MES when interfaced with some additional data acquisition software along with the Machine Monitoring Module. FACTIVITY can then provide SCADA level functionality for unlimited tags from unlimited machine resources along with complete Historian and Recipe Management functionality.

Now you can...

  • See actual rates verses expected rates of production
  • Receive continuous information on yield by machine, part and operator
  • Find the specific and reoccurring cause for downtime and lost production
  • Get an alarm for too much scrap or specific downtime reason

Our best in class MES solution provides all the foundation for improved data collection and data acquisition. Our production software system provides complete Overall Execution Effectiveness ™ by expanding from a machine automation focus to a process and routing bases lean manufacturing set of functionality which includes:

Understanding Manufacturing and the IoT

How can your business benefit from the Internet of Things?

Don’t let these OEE myths lead to operational mistakes and poor performance.

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