Scrap Reporting Software |

Scrap reporting along with downtime reporting goes beyond identification of amount of scrap and time lost for machine outages and maintenance.  The reason codes for these situations must be captured and FACTIVITY can tie it to a part, machine, tool, operator and routing step.  That is why our Shop Floor Data Collection product uses an operator interface that can assist in the capture of these situations.  With our machine monitoring facility, these occurrences can be captured without operator intervention for improved ease of use and error proofing.

When scrap is reported sometimes the parts can be sent back through one or more prior operations.  This rework loop can be automatically created by allowing the operator under certain scrap reason codes to select the starting operation for the part routing.  Parts are re-dispatched to the proper starting point without the need for additional paper and wasted time.

MES Myths and Mistakes …

Not knowing about the issues surrounding this technology can cost your factory plenty!

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