Paperless Factory

Paperless Factory

Sustainable manufacturing is the key to a lean shop and a manageable factory floor.  Work order and job packets can be reduced or eliminate manufacturing costs by saving paper and labor time. At the touch of a button, documents within (or outside of) the FACTIVITY system can be called up by the operator.  By our unique approach of document delivery of files to the factory workers, our paperless manufacturing module can provide electronic documents that capture important quality data by the operator or from the equipment or machine automatically during processing.

Beyond shop floor data collection software and document management software, paperless documents have the benefit of eliminating the time and cost of compiling job packets.  Work can be completed through touch screen data collection terminals by an operator, and FACTIVITY creates the electronic signature needed for accountability.

Presenting the operator with our specialized document group helps focus the worker on only the information needed to complete his/her task.  Documents might include CAD and PDF drawings, special work instructions and/or quality data capture. Many of our customers simplify data capture through our customizable templates.  These templates are electronic documents which are created by you through our easy-to-use drag/drop touchscreen template builder facility.

Data capture can be via touch screen or automatic machine interface from measuring devices, weigh scales, PLC, etc.  It can provide non-conformance alarms when measures and data captured is outside of pre-determined tolerances.

Templates can also provide the back bone to Material Review Board MRB reporting of work in process that needs to be evaluated for possible scrap or rework. Paperless inspectors can view the MRB in/out on an electronic tracking board and make the appropriate decision on the disposition of the materials reviewed.

Other documents can deliver equipment instructions to the machine interface directly at the touch of a button. For example, a Part Program to a CNC or other program controlled device. Document buttons can also deliver a specific part or components from an automated inventory picking system for accurate and timely deliver to automation equipment.

Beyond paperless time tickets, job packets, drawings, quality sheets…is the paperless window into the factory via the Web based query facility in our FACTVIEW. The machine, labor, part and job real-time queries in FACTVIEW provide a quick, effective, no cost method of having personnel in other areas of the factory keep track of activity on the floor without a license fee. So…

  • Quality can see what is coming up for inspection at no cost
  • Maintenance can see the line-up of work for scheduling downtime at no cost
  • Customer service can evaluate estimated delivery dates at no cost
  • Materials Management can increase their visibility and improve error proofing with lot tracing and lot tracking
  • Production Management can see OEE Dashboards and Labor Daily Job Tickets at their desk at no cost

Questions people ask about FACTIVITY paperless approach

No, for years FACTIVITY has provided a variety of interfaces to allow companies to use the ERP system as the repository of information and maintain it there. We have interfaced our FACTIVITY system to many standard ERP systems, as well as, many legacy and customized ERP systems.  The FACTIVITY system helps control the execution of the ERP plan and provides management with updates in real time and analytics for lean manufacturing improvements, while at the same time, assisting operators with guidance and error-proofing.

When production is reported, operators and management can be alerted to unusual situations.  Situations, such as, over or under reporting quantities, too much scrap based on expected yield, components not on the bill of material or material not in appropriate lot, etc.

No, Bar Code Readers require paper to be printed.  This is not sustainable or paperless!  You can purchase inexpensive touch screen PC and tablets for under $100 per data collection terminal which is a fraction of the cost of an RF Bar Code Reader.

Yes, by controlling the electronic dispatch, you have full control of showing only the job you want to operator to see.  For example only the next job on the “to-do” line list appears on the dispatch screen.

FACTIVITY MES is used worldwide.  Our software works with SAP, QAD, BPICS, Navision, Baan, other legacy and customized ERP systems using one of our existing pre-integration or one that is configured to fits your specific needs.

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