Real Time Labor Job Tracking | FACTIVITY MES Software

The up-to-the-minute real-time visibility of data collection allows Factivity to collect labor time with minimal operator input. This touch button sign-on approach eliminates operator time in

  • Recording specific time on the job which is calculated automatically by FACTIVTY
  • Our patented “Time Slicing” provides extremely accurate labor time capture
  • Automatic sign-out of jobs helps to minimize operator time at the station
  • Automatic sign-in of jobs can be set by the employee or supervisor on a shift by shift basis
  • No Bar Code Readers required!

With Factivity there is no longer the need for older style bar code reading of travelers (bar code readers need paper floor travelers and FACTIVITY is paperless) which can be troublesome in even a cleanest of shop floor environments.

  • Capture production manually or electronically from weight scales and machines directly
  • Capture downtimes with reason codes
  • Capture scrap with reason codes
  • Error proof all the important transactions to stop downstream problems
  • Allow FACTIIVTY to be your window into the labor time and operator activity

Our configurable, multilingual user interface was designed for touch screen but can allow input from other devices of your choice such as bar code readers, RFID scanners and biometric readers.

Operators can work with FACTIVITY in a variety of ways:

  1. Clock or Punch into the Factory
  2. Job into a work order separately or at the same time as punch in
  3. Sign on to multiple jobs simultaneously for automatically unattended running operations
  4. Sign into a grouping of jobs for automatic application of time against each job in the group
  5. Sign in with others on the same job such as a crew
  6. Allow for each person’s time in a crew to be tracked independently
  7. Sign out separate from others on the job

Software Switches in FACTIVITY’s Program Controls can be set so job status can only be change if a person signs in first. Status can automatically change when last person signs out so you have the flexibility to allow the job to run (automatic operations) or for the job back to a queued status for appropriate time tracking.

From the floor station an operator can clearly see how much time he/she has spent on the operation in a variety of important time bucket like waiting time, set-up time, down time and of course production time. This lean manufacturing software concept of status time tracking allows for evaluation of bottle neck and non-productive activity detection and possible reduction or elimination.

  • Exact times are keep on a shift by shift basis for:
  • Punch-into FACTIVITY for the start of the shift
  • Job-in to each operation on a job by job basis
  • Direction at each operation of set-up, run and downtime
  • Production quantities recorded and when they were recorded
  • Scrap quantities recorded with reason code displayed
  • Lunch and break time can be manually captured or automatically removed
  • Punch out of FACTIVITY at the end of each shift can be manual or automatic

FACTIVITY labor tracking system provides a paperless labor job card for easy visualization of shift work by operator. Included with each card is the start and stop time for each activity performed by all operators during the shift.

MES Myths and Mistakes …

Not knowing about the issues surrounding this technology can cost your factory plenty!

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