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FACTIVITY provides the current machine status which helps management focus on areas of performance improvements. It shows which parts were processed during the specified time, and maps them to KPIs for metrics such as performance, quality, availability, and OEE. A standard Pareto graph shows utilization counts and durations of states, by reason groups, and reasons for each machine/cell/line or work center.

Lean manufacturing software like FACTIVITY Machine Monitoring are an essential part of World Class Manufacturing. Real-time displays on a variety of dashboard and back-end analytics allows the answer to the question of how to improve on time delivery in manufacturing. OEE is an essential metric of factory floor automation, is easy to understand and is a metric that comes with the first module of FACTIVITY’s Shop Floor Module.

See how well your floor Assets are working

  • How often does the equipment go down when it should be running…Availability?
  • Are your machines running at their rated speeds…Performance?
  • Does the machine produce parts that must be scrapped…Quality?

FACTIVITY provides real-time performance measurements at the operator station each time quantities are reported as a visual fee-back approach for tracking of productivity. An expanded set of measurements can be configured at a Supervisor Station with real-time drill down to the major OEE measurements mentioned above

Beyond single site metrics FACTIVITY has a multiple plant Data Warehouse that can provide a consolidate view of all the FACTIVITY factories into a Microsoft SQL Server Data Base file.

Understanding Manufacturing and the IoT

How can your business benefit from the Internet of Things?

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