OEE Software Module

Measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness

With FACTIVITY’s Machine Monitoring Module solutions and OEE software, you can connect directly to your machine’s directly via PLC and/or OPC server. Get 100% accurate downtime reporting as well as performance information with minimal operator reporting.

Does you shop floor suffer from some or all of the following…

  • Little or no downtime logging
  • Downtime reports with inaccurate reason codes
  • Poor visibility to real-time production
  • Invisible machine effectiveness and machine utilization
  • Manual data collection that is paper based and always too late?
  • Two separate systems for labor and machine tracking?

With FACTIVITY OEE software, your machines provide the bulk of the data when the machine starts, when it goes down, how many pieces are produced, how many scrapped with reason codes and much more. We connect directly to the machine’s PLC via OPC technology

  • See the current state of each machine on a dashboard in your production control office.
  • Get continuous yield and scrap updates throughout the shift.
  • Have the data to explain why a run was especially good or bad.
  • Know the real causes of poor machine utilization.
  • Receive immediate notifications of a spike in scrap.

OEE software is just one aspect of what FACTIVITY can do for your manufacturing business.

Don’t let these OEE myths lead to operational mistakes and poor performance.

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