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Alarming and Alerting Software

FACTIVITY MES provides customizable alarms where you can notify the appropriate people to an unexpected or nonconforming factory floor condition or event. Manufacturing data collection and shop floor data collection typically refer to only the capture of “accounting data”, like labor time tracking that can be easily passed along to an ERP system. Manufacturing Execution Software provides the real-time examination of the activities on the shop floor that go beyond what can be collected via typical shop floor data collection, factory floor automation and machine monitoring.

Knowing when too much scrap has been recorded based on a pre-set alarm level can allow for immediate action so the right people are notified on a timely basis. The FACTIVITY Alarms can be tied to Outlook address’ so people without a licensed FACTIVITY station (who might not be present at the plant) can get appropriate alarming messages.

Alerts in FACTIVITY can be invoked as required through user selectable program controls. Alerts can be triggered at job sign-in for a specific employee, all employees, or for a part. The alert can also have a time window as to when it is active. For example, a weight scale must be checked for accuracy once every 24 hours, but will not trigger another alert once the scale has been validated for that day. Other required action to be taken could be to:

  • Supervisor override required
  • Fill out an electronic form
  • View a specific document
  • Run a special program
  • View a message

MES Myths and Mistakes...

Not knowing about the issues surrounding this technology can cost your factory plenty!

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