QAD’s Best in Class Manufacturing Execution System (MES) from FACTIVITY Allows for Real Automation Solutions

QAD Integration with Best in Class APS & MES Solutions

For over 20 years FACTIVITY has been a QAD Partner providing factory floor solutions


  • Runs on a standard Win or Unix network
  • Easy-to-use Touch screens for operators
  • Use low cost PC’s or tablets on the floor
  • Build your own OEE real-time dashboards
  • Modules for APS
  • Modules for Time & Attendance
  • Modules for OPC integration to machines
Completely Integrated
Either On-Premise or in the Cloud
Field tested in over 16 countries worldwide
Works “out of the box” for quick implementations

Some of the supported QXtend Transactions:

popomt maintain purchase order
poporc receive purchase order
rebkfl record backflush
redt Maintain downtime trans
renplf nonproductive advance repetitive labor feedback
reset record setup labor
sfoptr01 record labor feedback by WO
sfscrap record work order operation scrap
woopmt maintain work order routing
wowois issue work order component
wowomt maintain work order
woworc receive work order