Machine Data Collection FACTIVITY MES Software

Real-time machine monitoring allows data acquisition for automatic data production reporting to free the operator from manually entering counts. The Machine Monitor Module is a ready to plug-and-play software solution to connect to machines through several proven methods. FACTIVITY can deliver a “universal connector” directly from a PLC, PAC, or other direct machine interface equipment into the FACTIVITY MES via this module.

This Machine Monitoring Module also provides the ability to capture downtime with reason codes and scrap codes with reason codes to produce a real-time OEE calculation on several different styles of FACTIVITY Dashboards.

See how well your floor Assets are working

  • How often does the equipment go down…Availability?
  • Are your machines running at their rated speeds…Performance?
  • Does the machine produce parts that must be scrapped…Quality?
  • Visualize the reasons for downtime by:
    • Equipment
    • Process
    • People
    • Parts

Machine time tracking and Labor time tracking are kept separately. Touch screens remain the same without additional buttons or functions added to the factory floor operator screens. Machine signals drive the status changes from a productive “run” status to a problem “down” status seamlessly. Downtime reasons can be:

  • Passed automatically from the machine if it can be sensed
  • Manually selected prior to having the machine returns to an active running status
  • Passed as a generic downtime occurrence into an electronic downtime log for later reason code selection

Maintenance analysis is made easier when FACTIVITY runs analytics from its set of standard OEE and downtime reports. OEE can be evaluated on a real-time and on a historical basis over a user defined time frame. Daily totals for all Performance, Quality, and Availability can be seen at the touch of a button.

MES Myths and Mistakes...

Not knowing about the issues surrounding this technology can cost your factory plenty!

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