3 Shop Floor Scheduling Software Insights for Manufacturers

As manufacturing lines becomes more fluid and supply chains more complex, manufacturers are increasingly adopting an automated approach to the production planning and scheduling function. The need to rapidly reconfigure a production line to manufacture more than one product or churn out multiple variations of a particular product requires a system that can accommodate those changes. FACTIVITY can help.

With FACTIVITY’s MES and Shop Floor Scheduling Solution, with little or no work, you can maintain up-to-the-minute “to-do” lists, providing workers with complete, current, and optimized sequenced parts listing for their shift.

Included in the scheduling logic will be the inherent finite constraints of the available labor, equipment, tools, materials, allowing you to adjust and adapt to the existing limitations. You’ll also be able to measure the performance of your assets against your expected effectiveness and productivity rates. Click here to learn about OEE and generate snapshot reports of all shop floor activity, including new work, current work–in–progress, and completions.

Key Benefits of Shop Floor Scheduling Software

Shop Floor Scheduling Software Benefit: Enhanced Capacity Planning

There are several ways to measure the relationship between projected workload and the ability to produce over time:

  • By percentage utilization
  • By minimizing set-up time
  • By minimizing cost

With Shop Floor Scheduling Software, you can get a quick overview by your chosen workload measures, and then drill down for a more in-depth analysis of what orders are consuming capacity. Click here to learn more about our Advanced Planning & Scheduling Solution.

View workload by priority type and commitment level to gain a better understanding of where the capacity is being allocated. From percentage utilized and available to hours available for jobs, Shop Floor Scheduling Software provides valuable insight into overall production capacity and utilization.

  • Would you like to take on rush jobs, confident that your manpower and machine schedules can handle the extra load through the use of Capable-to-Promise? Click here to find out.
  • Do you need a more efficient system to optimize the assignment of projects and people, with the ability to reschedule or reroute machinery, manpower or jobs on-the-fly?
  • Do you want to identify projected downtime or slow periods to utilize them more effectively?

Shop Floor Scheduling Software Benefit: Improved Machine Effectiveness

Do you know your capital equipment’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness? Our Shop Floor Module can give you an OEE analysis, categorizing your assets by most effective and least productive, with data available in real-time via dashboards and/or through our historical analytics modules. Downtime is an inevitable part of any manufacturing schedule. If identified ahead of time, it can be used for planned maintenance on machines. Our software can also enable you to optimize the use of the machines based on their historical performance.

Shop Floor Scheduling Software Benefit: FACTIVITY Optimization Engine

Manufacturing schedules requires balancing due dates, priorities, revenue, WIP reduction, setup time reduction, work remaining, and a host of other factors—a time-consuming process that can be outdated almost as quickly as it is generated.

Enter FACTIVITY’s optimization engine. By considering all the rules based on your goals and your production requirements, it can then generate a schedule with a click of the button. The software will drive efficient production based on your goals and requirements, with JIT (Just in Time) scheduling minimizing Work-In-Progress inventory. Also available is Theory of Constraints scheduling with Drum-Buffer-Rope logic.

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