7 Paperless Manufacturing Benefits for Manufacturers

Manufacturers are constantly searching for innovative ways to increase productivity and reduce unit labor costs while streamlining processes. One of the strategies is to evolve to a paperless system, there by eliminating the time-consuming task of completing handwritten records and generating reams of paper-based documentation while having real-time data throughout all the stages from initiation to completion.

According to a recent report from AIIM Market Intelligence, 68% of respondents agree that business-at-the-speed-of-paper will be “unacceptable in just a few years’ time” while 46% consider that the biggest single productivity improvement for most of their business processes is to remove the paper. The report also noted that 60% of users have seen ROI on their paper-free projects within 12 months, and an impressive 77% within 18 months, with faster response to customers and higher productivity seen as the biggest benefits, along with improved remote and mobile availability.

If you want to see those kinds of results at your company, then you need to consider switching to a paperless system. Click and find out the value in paperless.

Are you tired of inefficient and rigid paper-based tracking systems that can’t be tailored to your information needs?

  • Do you want a method for viewing the entire production process within your facility from one central location?
  • Do you need a system that alerts you to inefficiencies when they occur?
  • Do you require machine performance dashboards that can be displayed on the floor?

With FACTIVITY MES, you can achieve a more economical, efficient and environmentally friendly production process while providing controlled visibility throughout the office and shop.

Paperless Manufacturing Benefits for Manufacturers: Controlled visibility and accessibility

With FACTIVITY MES paperless system, all production data, from job time, downtime, specifications, and materials are maintained in one single virtual location. This provides maximum visibility into all shop floor activities including detailed information about each job and stage of operation. While the information can be shared across departments, the system can also easily be configured to establish levels of accessibility.

Paperless Manufacturing Benefits for Manufacturers: Reduced scheduling and production planning and related factory floor paperwork

Creation, copying, distribution, supervisor handling, operator input, collection, and data entry—each stage of a paper-based system increases time spent and the potential for inaccuracies or missed communication. However, with a paperless system, work assignments and updates are electronically communicated as soon as they are generated, reducing both paper clutter and the possibility of errors due to outdated information.

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Paperless Manufacturing Benefits for Manufacturers: User-selectable and customizable information

What you want to know when you want to know it — that’s what our fully customizable screen provides. Choose the resource you want to view, and as the work status changes at the resource, the update appears in real-time. No need to switch stations—all the user-selectable information is right there at one location. Plus, our touch screens are designed to work on standard PCs or tablets, wired or wireless, on-premise, or hosted.

Paperless Manufacturing Benefits for Manufacturers: Ease of implementation and operation

Thanks to our standard “open” network system, FACTIVITY easily interfaces with floor machines, recording production, downtime, and other key OEE data. Use your own equipment or FACTIVITY can make recommendations for third-party hardware providers.

Paperless Manufacturing Benefits for Manufacturers: Real-time data connection and capture

Time is money, and with FACTIVITY, you’ll have real-time information about orders and operations with up-to-minute dispatch lists to prioritize the most important jobs. At the push of the “publish” button, our scheduling software module provides a realistic line-up of work at each work center, with the software analyzing your time standards in real-time and alerting you to problems as they occur. A module connects directly to factory documents, such as routings, BOMs, drawings, and instructions.

Paperless Manufacturing Benefits for Manufacturers: Automated compliance adherence and traceability

Industry and government regulations require documentation to be archived yet easily accessed. This used to require costly storage facilities and manhours spent filing and then retrieving records and reports. But with the paperless system, all that time and expense is a thing of the past. You can easily meet compliance and auditing requests by quickly accessing relevant files from the virtual information storehouse. And since they are maintained in digital format, there is no risk of degradation due to environmental conditions or disasters.

Paperless Manufacturing Benefits for Manufacturers: Ease of collaboration across functions and departments

With our paperless system, you can encourage collaboration by creating a virtual “bridge” between functions and departments connected with the manufacturing process. Team members can communicate information in real-time, ensuring an almost instantaneous update to the overall manufacturing process, increasing operational flexibility, and allowing for quicker responsiveness.

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