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Inventory Tags created from production reporting can be repacked into larger containers and keeps its individual identity for simplification of inventory management by using this functionality. An example may be when one or more lot numbers associated with an item are combined into a larger container, box, skid, pallet, etc.

Each container is given a unique id and all the items within the container are identified. Containers, of course, can be placed into larger containers.

Items that have no inventory tag records may also be placed in the container by building data on the fly with the Add Inventory Tag dialog box.

Inventory Tags created from production reporting or other means can also be placed on Bills of Lading for shipment to customers.

Mechanics of this screen are like building containers for storage of multiple inventory tags in a single packaging container. Each shipper is unique by the shipper number. Program controls specify print format and the container type that in turn may specify a two-character prefix to obtain the next sequential shipper number from the next order number table. Any number of inventory tags may be placed on a single shipper. Total quantity and weight is shown on the last tag entry for each product included in the shipment.

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