CoorsTek Medical Utilizes Factivity MES

CoorsTek Medical Utilizes Factivity MES Software to Create More Efficient Use of Labor and Equipment

Installation of new software product assists company in implementing a unique touch screen system quickly and successfully

Golden, Colorado, February 12, 2015. When the medical device division of CoorsTek set out to refine and gain efficiency on the factory floor, they chose Cleveland‐based software developer FACTIVITY Inc. to be their MES partner. The company had ERP but was looking for improved operating metrics. Because of the sophistication of the medical device manufacturing process and the FDA regulation, it was imperative that a robust and feature rich factory floor software be part of the implementation decision.

The decision to choose FACTIVITY was three‐fold: They were already familiar with the product and its reputation; secondly it was easy to use and integrate and lastly FACTIVITY committed to a hyper‐fast installation of six weeks or less. The normal timeframe would be 3‐ 6 months for most installations. FACTIVITY rose to the challenge. During the busy December holiday season, they were able to successfully install their product with little to no loss of production time. Helmut Oehring, Vice President, the person at CoorsTek in charge of all corporate wide information technology, recognized they were a mid‐sized company without a large IT budget. “The FACTIVITY software solution offered understandable integration to our hosted ERP system and was easy for the shop floor operators to use.” Len Rontanini, ERP Implementation Manager, added that it was “phenomenal that it installed that fast. FACTIVITY experts were responsive and dedicated to getting the job done”.

After the installation of the FACTIVITY Metrics (KPI) Module in the initial “Go‐Live” production facility, CoorsTek will continue to implement the FACTIVITY MES system in multiple locations across the United States and in Europe.


FACTIVITY’s Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) collects data from the factory floor and provides metrics needed to implement lean manufacturing practices. The system monitors equipment availability, performance and quality to visually display Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in real‐time and integrates fully with your ERP. For more information, please visit or contact us at 800‐369‐6377.

CoorsTek Medical offers the specialized knowledge, experience, world‐class infrastructure and proven processes required to get medical device innovations to market quickly and successfully. By working together with our partners in the medical device community, we are making lives measurably better each and every day. For more information, please visit[/fusion_text]

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