FACTIVITY Implementation at CoorsTek Uden Netherlands

THE COMPANY: With headquarters in Golden, CO, USA, CoorsTek is the largest Engineered Ceramics and Advance Materials manufacturer in the world. The company develops, produces and markets components and assemblies for a wide range of applications in the Medical, Automotive, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Electronic, Consumer Goods, Utilities, Materials, Power Generation, Telecom and High-tech industries. CoorsTek carries a market-leading portfolio of over 300 advanced materials and formulations, including alumina, carbon, silica, silicon, silicon carbide, quartz, yttria and zirconia.

VERTICAL: Industrial

THE DEAL: CoorsTek recently acquired the former Philips Lighting business located in Uden, The Netherlands. FACTIVITY was invited along with QAD to participate in the initial Discovery as part of the acquisition transition from the legacy SAP MES and ERP system to the CoorsTek corporate FACTIVITY/QAD platform.

The Uden facility is an extremely clean and well maintained modern production facility based in Uden, south Netherlands on what used to be a large Philips campus. The technology deployed is impressive for its automation and inclusion of robotics for material movement (pick and place) and automated visual inspection of finished and semi-finished parts. All of this is integrated with the FACTIVITY shop floor manufacturing execution system MES with complete integration at the SCADA layer for the production lines for automated tracking of production.

FACTIVITY provided unique error-proofing facility, such as, Advanced Material Issuing to control the lots of raw material.  Beyond error proofing the lots and materials, FACTIVITY is tightly integrated with weight scales.  The raw materials from the BOM are measured and calculated within the FACTIVITY MES to assist the operator in exact measurement of water additives.

The overriding strategy for the business is the integration into the CoorsTek corporate structure while growing the business. Integral to that is the move from the incumbent SAP system previously provided by former owner Philips. CoorsTek officially has one year to transition from SAP, but wanted to do it much faster, with a go-live date of January 1st, 2017.

WHY WE WON: FACTIVITY is helping CoorsTek in partnership to meet business goals by:
• Working together on many projects around the world
• Ability to rapidly move acquired companies to MES functionality
• Improving speed of implementation to accelerate business benefit
• Enable best practices across the company

Coorstek is very happy to announce that the conversion of the Uden SAP MES facility to FACTIVITY successfully went live January 1st, 2017. This brand new implementation was a very smooth transition from their legacy SAP and SAP-ME systems to the Coorstek standard systems to support the entire Uden facility. The Coorstek Uden, Coorstek Corporate, FACTIVITY and QAD Consulting teams have all come together to make this a very successful implementation. This project was completed in a 3-month period.

Congratulations to the entire FACTIVITY Project Team!
Many thanks to the entire FACTIVITY/CoorsTek/QAD team members involved.


FACTIVITY is now being used in:

Czech Republic

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