Factivity Inc Extends its Capabilities from Touch Screen to Hand Held Devices

CLEVELAND (March 5, 2011) – MES provider FACTIVITY INC has announced the easy extension of the FACTIVITY system from touch screen kiosks to hand held devices.  The extensions, FACTIVITY RF come in two types and include both:

  • Technology Enhancements to the base FACTIVITY module for use of hand-held scanners
  • Business Function Enhancements with FACTIVITY-RF Modules for QAD inventory transactions.

FACTIVITY-RF can now be used in a Web Browser on a standard PC or hand held device that runs a Mobile Windows operating system.  The FACTIVITY Web Extensions provide direct interface to the core system, with functions such as Material Tags for easy and accurate capture of actual material consumption.  This can be used for component issues at the line level to help minimize material variances and improve the control and tracking of specific component parts (lots, serial numbers, heats, etc.) through the WIP operations. In addition, it identifies the where, when and how associated with material variances.

Gary Schaum, Senior Consultant comments, “I was a QAD customer before joining FACTIVITY and these new modules allow us to offer a even greater set of functionality and give us the “one stop shopping” our customers have been asking for.”

Another area of use is expansion and mobility of the templates functionality. Using the template build function of the base FACTIVITY systems, Web templates allow the collection of important factory floor production and quality information on a mobile unit.

FACTIVITY-RF also extends the core MES business functionality beyond the Work-in-Process factory floor modules and into the Inventory Control functions.  This includes:

  • Sales Order Shipping
  • Purchase Order Receiving
  • Warehouse Transactions
  • Paperless Warehouse Dispatching

FACTIVITY-RF provides a way to improve inventory accuracy and saves time and money.  QAD is updated from the hand held devices in real-time at the point-of-use, saving transacting time and eliminating guess work.  Transactions update the QAD inventory screens immediately without the need of an intermediary data base.  All the inventory screens are written in Progress, and run inside of the QAD database, and can be used on a terminal, PC or hand held device.

These modules allow a hand-held to display scanned information, such as verification of valid part numbers; verification of appropriate reference numbers used for containers, package, skid, lot, heat; identification as well as querying adequate on-hand inventory and performing necessary verification of lot/expiry data.

FACTIVITY-RF helps QAD customers become LEAN by improving the picking of sales and material order with “Quick-Pick” functionality. “Quick Pick” refers to the inventory locations that are designated as the most efficient locations for picking of specific items of customer or work orders.

An Operations Director for a medical company reported that “customer order shipping cycle time was 13 minutes before implementing our bar-coding Shipping program. After we implemented bar-coding, our order shipping cycle time is 5 minutes. We were looking for the assured accuracy from bar-coding, so the cycle time improvement was a happy surprise.”

About Factivity, Inc.:

FACTIVITY Inc. develops, implements and supports software products for manufacturing companies. The current focus of the company is on FACTIVITY, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with modules for APS Finite Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Shop Floor Management, Machine Monitoring and more. For more information on FACTIVITY, please call 1-800-369-6377 or visit the FACTIVITY web site at http://factivity.com.

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