OEE, Labor & Workflow Analysis


THE FACTIVITY WORKBENCH is the center for the collection and analysis of factory floor data.  Easy-to-use touch screens allow information to be captured both pro-activity, automatically and in the back ground to provide a host of management metrics.

Our very flexible reporting library is a compilation of over 120 reports.  Reports are segregated and referenced by the FACTIVITY “release” number.  These reports can be called individually or in a group from any of the FACTIVITY user screens allowing the operators to focus their inquiries on the exact data chosen by management.  As an additional user aid, each report is front-ended by a touch screen User Select Filter where data, such as, Work Order, Employee, Part, Machine, etc. can be manually or automatically entered to quickly find the information needed.

Another method of producing Key Performance Metrics (KPI) is from spreadsheets.  FACTIVITY SHOP FLOOR WORKBENCH collects and then stores all real-time factory data for backend number crunching in Excel.  This warehouse of production and process information can be directly placed into pre-formatted spreadsheets for analysis and charting (dash boards).

Our FACTVIEWs are web browser-based views (part of the Documents Module) that can reside on management’s desk tops and provide real-time data even when you aren’t at the office!  Keep track of job line-ups, status of work orders, labor job card for the shift, as well as, machine overall effectiveness (OEE).  Customer service can use the views to investigate due dates on any part (purchase order) as jobs are moved through the floor.

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