Software Tools to Improve Production, Lower Costs and Improve On-Time Delivery

Cleveland, OH (April 12, 2013) — FACTIVITY Inc. today announces the release of its latest set of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) product changes re-packaged into a grouping of functionality now known as a “WORKBENCH”. The three new MES WORKBENCH products include:

  • SHOP FLOOR WORKBENCH for better visibility and control of the factory floor work-in-process
  • APS WORKBENCH for enhanced planning and scheduling of the supply chain
  • TIME/ATTENDANCE WORKBENCH for improved labor management

On today’s manufacturing factory floor, data collection needed for accounting of job records is simply not enough for a company that wants to remain competitive. Beyond accounting, computers are being used to improve production performance.  More detailed and real-time information can help customer service, planning, materials and engineering departments.  FACTIVITY specifically addresses key and challenging manufacturing issues such as schedule optimization, lean production, material variances, while maximizing the labor assets with new innovative software tools unveiled in the latest “WORKBENCH” release.

John Leibert, Head of Business Development, comments “The key to factory floor control is good visibility; a window into all of your production and factory floor activities. At FACTIVITY, we have proven over the past twelve years that the best method of knowing factory floor status is by using touch screen technology. Our licensed, easy-to-use, and very intuitive User Interface (UI) allows real-time capture of floor activity.”  He adds, “While using a customizable factory UI, workers will connect with jobs, machines, drawings, quality and engineering in a total paperless mode. This provides a systemized and controlled approach to lean production management.”

SHOP FLOOR WORKBENCH (SF) software provides functionality for real-time WIP tracking, more accurate material management and improved production control.  SF currently has three (3) add-on modules which provide additional “paperless” capabilities:

  • DOCUMENTS MODULE.  Provides delivery of required job packet documents such as set-up instructions, drawings, routings, and BOMs as well as quality data capture through user-created touch screen templates.
  • MACHINES MONITORING MODULE.  Provides monitoring of a machine’s real-time to automatically track production as well as capture up/down time with reason codes.
  • JOB TIME EDIT MODULE.   Provides automated user-defined “rules” to improve labor transaction accuracy and allow daily shift based supervisor sign-off.

With the release of these new products, FACTIVITY now provides a path to World Class lean manufacturing management. By using FACTIVITY’s complete set of management Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), users can determine the effectiveness of labor time and machine resources while identifying areas for making process improvements. These Excel-based spreadsheets provide metrics in four categories:

  • Machine Efficiencies (OEE) Spreadsheet
  • Labor Time Performance Spreadsheet
  • Downtime and Scrap Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Part Flow Analysis (Queue/Bottleneck) Spreadsheet

Additionally, FACTIVITY helps adjust to unanticipated changes. Decision support is provided by “seeing” each and every part and process in real time. This helps reduce the need for expensive outsourcing, safety stock inventory build-up and premium transportation. In addition, it improves labor efficiency and machine utilization.

FACTIVITY’s SF WORKBENCH is now part of the total MES which provides the user with a virtual “window” into the factory. The software measures each job as it moves through the production process making it the go-to factory floor solution for production management.


FACTIVITY Inc. is a technology company providing paperless manufacturing solutions for the factory-floor.  FACTIVITY’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) supports APS Finite Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Shop Floor Management, Machine Monitoring and more.  Based in Cleveland, Ohio, the company has worked to service the manufacturing industry for over 25 years.  For more information on FACTIVITY, please visit www.FACTIVITY.comor call 216-514-5141.  FACTIVITY™ is provided by and is a trademark of FACTIVITY, Inc.

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