Production Dispatching

MES Production Dispatching

The Factivity APS solution creates a realistic execution schedule which needs to be communicated effectively to the factory floor. Creating schedules is seamless with publishing the schedule via electronic dispatching to the people that need to see use it. Having easy to read customizable dispatch buttons makes for better floor communication and enforces compliance to the schedule.

Execution also means making production floor decisions as things change. That means that even the best Factivity created MPS production plan fine-tuned by the finite constraint based Factivity scheduling software might need to be altered on the factory floor. Splitting jobs on to another or multiple machines is easy and at the touch of a button.

And splitting can happen even while the job has already started on one machine.

Electronic notifications can be shown on the floor screens and work is dished out in the order needed to optimize the production process.

Today from your current Dispatch Listing can you see:

  • All the asset time that will be consumed by each of these jobs?
  • Projected scheduled time of arrival at those work areas?
  • All the operator time that will be consumed by job skill?
  • All the jobs that will be coming into your work area?
  • The visibility of the remaining operations on the job?

FACTIVITY provides a customizable screen for each licensed FACTIVITY station. Operators work at the POD Production Order Document for fast and easy collection of all your production information…

  • Capture labor times
  • Capture job start and finish
  • Capture production quantities and/or amounts
  • Capture raw materials with lot and location information
  • With real-time display of production analytics such as OEE

MES Myths and Mistakes...

Not knowing about the issues surrounding this technology can cost your factory plenty!

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