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Paperless Shop Floor Factory Software

Eliminate much of the scheduling, production planning, factory floor paperwork and associated cost of paperwork handling, with the FACTIVITY MES.

Imagine creating your own screen that has been customized by you to better visualize the work areas on the factory floor. You select each and every resource you want to appear on each and every screen. As work status changes at the resource, it is visible on the button of this screen…paperless and real-time. User selectable information from the order, routing and other data fields are visible without ever going to another station.

Job Visibility and Customization….

Once you touch a resource you can see detail information about the job and operation.

  • Pieces required for the operation
  • Pieces complete
  • Piece yet “to do”
  • Scrap quantities
  • Efficiency
  • Prior operation completions if overlapped
  • Notes area for comments
  • And much more all customizable by you including
  • Multiple documents tied to the part operation …

Documents are available with the Document Module add-on to the Shop Floor Module. This paperless extension provides links to your important production information. Keep your documents in a central location so they are controlled documents and never distributed…just viewed. Document delivery promotes the good practice of document control and provides an easy way to minimize error associated with out-of-date document’s which otherwise might be on paper at the work stations or delivered in the traveler with validation.

Understanding Manufacturing and the IoT

How can your business benefit from the Internet of Things?

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