Smart Keys | Error Proofing

From simple numeric keypads to keypads with built in intelligence, the FACTIVITY collection of plug-and-play keypad selection offers a wide variety of User Interface options to help simplify the task of recording product, raw materials, and components to providing serialized lot controlled numbers on demand.

Operators can be verified to make sure they have the qualifications to run the equipment before they sign into a job. Alerts may require that an operator fill out a form such as a set-up check off list prior to starting production. When scrap is reported sometimes the parts can be sent back through one or more prior operations.  This rework loop can be automatically created by allowing the operator under certain scrap reason codes to select the starting operation for the part routing.  Parts are re-dispatched to the proper starting point without the need for additional paper and wasted time.

MES Myths and Mistakes …

Not knowing about the issues surrounding this technology can cost your factory plenty!

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