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Supervisor Visibility Software

A paperless factory is a factory that has a system that provides not only an easy-to-use intuitive approach to shop floor data collection but also has Supervisor Visibility into the activities currently in production.

A Web Browser is available at no cost for any employee that has the authority and can view current factory floor activity. This can include supervisors but might also include customer service people that want to see where jobs are on the floor and when they expect them to complete. Maintenance people who need to ready tools and dies and want to know the sequence of jobs at specific machines.

But beyond viewing is the functionality to directly access each operator screen for improved control and management. This can be accomplished through the Machine Status Monitor. This Monitor is customizable and looks like a spreadsheet but is completely interactive and is update real-time. The screen can also be used standalone also free of charge for large screen viewing around the factory floor or in the production/scheduling, maintenance, management office or even the reception area.

MES Myths and Mistakes...

Not knowing about the issues surrounding this technology can cost your factory plenty!

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