QAD and PlanetTogether Integration using FACTIVITY

PlanetTogether is pre-integrated to all versions of QAD through the proven technology provided by the long time QAD Partner FACTIVITY.

Connect via QXtend or CIM to automate and synchronize your supply/demand data and use the most modern, fast and cost-effective approach to scheduling that goes well beyond the functionality found in MSW & PSW.

How good is your current scheduling functionality? Could you use a test run like a Proof-of-Concept (POC) before licensing this solution…then take this short test to find out?

QAD, a leader in the ERP industry, now has complete integration with PlanetTogether Advanced Planning & Scheduling APS functionality. Imagine the places that PlanetTogether can take your production scheduling with a seamless integration into your QAD solution.

Learn more about how this powerful integration can help transform your plant performance!

Data from QAD automatically appears in PlanetTogether:

  • Sales Orders
  • Forecasts
  • Work Centers / Machines / Lines
  • MRP Orders
  • Bills of Material
  • Routing
  • Inventory Raw / WIP / Finished
  • Purchase Orders

Push a button in PlanetTogether an update QAD:

  • Start and End dates for all Work Orders
  • Change Machines (Alternate Routing)
  • Change Order Quantities
  • Change Order Status

Planning Functionality Features

PlanetTogether has unparalleled planning functionality features.  The chart below compares PlanetTogether with MSW PSW product.  As you can see, PlanetTogether packs a powerful one-two punch: rapid implementation combined with unmatched functionality to solve the toughest scheduling challenges.

Finite material constraints
Finite machine constraints Note: capacity aware
but not constrained
Finite labor constraints  
Finite tool constraints  
 Attribute-driven changeover  
Drop-and-Drag Gantt  
Multi-Plant / Multi-Warehouse
Configurable Gantt  
Detail Impact Analysis  
Pegged Multi-Job-Gantt  
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